The main activities of the organisation is to assist, develop and promote the social, educational, economical, cultural and moral conditions of the human beings for their development, empowerment and survival, Following programmes are sponsored by the organisation.

  • Sponsors vocational training in cutting, tailoring and knitting , Art & craft, food products manufacturing etc. for rural and urban women.
  • Runs Counseling Centre for prevention of Drug-abuse.
  • Runs Counseling Centre for Family Planning.
  • Runs library for all age groups of the people so that they can get knowledge and wisdom.
  • Provides Dairy/ poultry/ fishery farming training to the rural people.
  • Runs school for children to improve literacy among them and to provide them very young & fair start in their life.
  • Arranges Seminars on different topics.
  • Organises welfare awareness generation camps to raise consciousness among social group & to provide information about scheme assistance.
  • Runs health care service centre.
  • Organises cultural programmes based on National Integration, unity and social change.
  • Runs adult literacy centre for improving literacy among weaker section community.
  • Executed some rural development works like repairing of village roads, repairing and cleaning of village drains and cleaning & chlorination of drinking water wells.
  • Provides free education for school & college going girls.
  • Provides free vocational training for girls & women.
  • Construct rural link roads.
  • Construct libraries, auditorium etc. for village people.
  • Provide exercise books to student at low price.
  • Supply food grains, cloths and other essential commodities to the general people at cheaper rate.
  • Install hand pumps for drinking water supply.
  • Construct low-cost latrines and bathrooms in rural areas in order to create healthy and hygienic condition in village.
  • Provide drinking water for special occasions where this facility is not available.
  • Construct science centers for providing scientific information and knowledge to rural people. To promote knowledge of non –conventional energy like solar-energy, bio-gas plants and wind energy, for the aforesaid technical knowledge of apparatus, equipment and construction there of will be provided.
  • Construct and renovate new and old buildings respectively of public use.
  • Construct community hall, working women’s hostel, school buildings, low-cost houses for schedule caste & schedule tribe.
  • Establish vocational training centers of different trades for the welfare and rehabilitation of the handicapped people.
  • Set up new hospitals/ dispensaries in remote areas where the existing medical facilities are inadequate in comparison to the needs of the rural people.
  • Set up of Medical College / Hospital to fulfill the requirement of people in this region.

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