Project Plan for the Village "KAMAR JI"
Panchayat - Lanka Kachuara, Block Sampat Chak, District - Patna
(Modern Village Adopted)
Education Health
Water And Sanitation Small Scale Industries
Advocacy Agriculture
I E C (Information Education & Communication)
: :
  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Insufficient Teachers in Govt. Primary school.
  • Non availability of books and stationeries.
  • Insufficient sitting arrangement.
  • Non availability of optional educational Center.
  • High rate of women illiteracy.
  • Non availability of “Anganbadi Center” that can promote women literacy.
  -- Activities Planned

> Pre Schooling Education

  • Appointment of an Instructor for Pre Schooling Educational Center(PSEC).
  • Ensure supply of books and printed material at PSEC.
  • Sitting arrangement for the same.
  • Ensure the storage of books and printed materials at PSEC.
  • Provision of “Playing Kit” for Kids.
  • Provision for Slates etc at PSEC.

> Primary Formal Education (PFE)

  • Maintenance and repairing of Primary Formal Education Center (PFEC).
  • Provision of Blackboard and Anandshala at PFEC.
  • Fencing of PFEC.
  • Establishment of a Library at PFEC.
  • Promotion of eco-friendly environment through plantation at PFEC.
  • Ensure availability of Furniture at PFEC
  • Provision of “Playing Kit” at PFEC.
  • Efforts to increase enrollment and retention.

> Non Formal Education

  • Establishment of Non Formal Education Center(NFEC).
  • Appointment of Instructor.
  • Ensure supply of books and printed material at NFEC.
  • Lighting arrangement for NFEC.
  • Sitting arrangement for NFEC.
  • Stationary supply for NFEC.
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  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Non availability of Health Center, Optional Health facility, Lack of family Planning Programs, Malnutrition and unawareness of supplementary foods, Lack of Health Awareness, Lack of Emergency Care facility, Lack of ANC and Postpartum checkups, Unsafe motherhood.
  -- Activities Planned
  • Establishment of Primary Health Center.
  • Organization of family planning camp and ensure the availability of other contraceptive devices at village level.
  • Organization of counseling session for Child Nutrition and Child Care through SHG's.
  • Provision for weekly visit of medical Practitioner and free distribution of medicines.
  • Provision of health camp at every alternate month. A team of experienced Doctors will visit the village.
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Water and Sanitation
  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Unawareness about cleanliness drives, Non availability of sanitary system, Lack of Safe drinking water, Flood and Water logging.
  -- Activities Planned
  • Provision of Hand pumps.
  • Repairing and maintenance of existing source of water.
  • Construction of low cost latrines.
  • Establishment of RSM (Rural Sanitary Mart) convergence with P.H.E.D.
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Small Scale Industries
  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Insufficient agricultural land.
  • Lack of sufficient optional employment.
  -- Activities Planned
  • Financial assistance through the cooperative and facilitate in marketing of Homemade Consumables.
  • Financial assistance through the cooperative and facilitate in marketing of Handicrafts.
  • Facilitation to youth in screen-printing work.
: :
  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Child labour, Gender discrimination, Domestic Atrocities, Drug addiction, Dowry.
  -- Activities Planned
  • Advocacy of child right and promotion of their essential education.
  • Awareness generation for gender equity.
  • Awareness and counseling against domestic atrocities.
  • Eradication of dowry system.
: :
  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Insufficient agricultural land, Lack of proper irrigation, Insufficient market for milk.
  -- Activities Planned
  • Information sharing on irrigation.
  • Establishment of milk cooperative.
  • Establishment of Cattle Fertility Center.
  • Organization of “Farmers Meetings”.
  • Promotion of Cattle Rearing.
: :
I E C ( Information Education & Communication )
  -- Constraints and Challenges
  • Lack of awareness on girl education, health and proper water sanitation. In sensitization on social problems.
  -- Activities Planned
  • Efforts will be taken to create awareness of educational need in community.
  • Health awareness campaigning through wall painting, posters, slogans, banner etc.
  • To enhance the women empowerment programs efforts will be taken through different IEC materials.
  • Different awareness programs will be adopted for cleanliness drive and proper water sanitation.
  • IEC materials will be developed for the advocacy of women and child right, drug de-addiction, gender sensitization etc.

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